Park Looking Lovely!

We are over the moon that some of the work has started in the park. The Football Pitch is repaired with new surfacing, steps and grass terracing at the side, and the broken wood stumps, broken bin and seat have been removed.

Park 2 Pitch






There are lovely new green benches and chairs, which increases the amount of seating we had. And we have the foundations and safety surfacing in for our new hammocks, which will be fitted as soon as the grass has grown over the surfacing.

Park 1 Bench






At last the beloved Monkey Bars are being rennovated. After finding that they are irreplaceable and after consultation with the community where it emerged that “Doing the monkey bars” is a right of passage in Hayburn Park, fondly remembered by young and old, we are happy to say we have found someone to fix them so they do not have to be removed. Fingers crossed they can be returned to their former glory. More upgrading coming soon, still to come…..lions’s rock – climbing rock…….the cycle path round the football pitch….totum poles, willow and holly tunnels and our orchard. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Park 3 Bars

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